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Danielle really knows what she is doing. I have attended “wine tasting” events  in the past and literally you’re only tasting wine. There’s no education involved and the so called connoisseur is not as passionate as Danielle. They’re basically selling or marketing their wine.


But with the Sip and Graze experience, you get to taste exotic wines from other countries as well as get an education on how to have a better experience with wine. I’ve never been more interested in wine since the Sip and Graze wine class 101.


I now feel more confident and informed and can actually take what I’ve learned from the class to restaurants, vacations and parties. I don’t feel embarrassed or unsophisticated anymore when I go to gatherings with good wine and food involved.


Sip and Graze gives you the experience that money cannot buy. In life, I value experience more than material things. This experience with Danielle is something I can take with me forever.


— Maria Reyes M.S.

Sip and Graze’s launch party was one of the most artistically designed and elegantly presented events I have ever attended. Every detail was well planned, placed, and executed— ranging from the great demeanor of the privately hired wait staff to vast array of food, wine, whiskey and cigar selections! Every detail far exceeded any expectation I could have imagined! In addition to the array of aesthetics, Danielle— a wonderfully articulate, clever, and perspicacious sommelier— walked us through a fun, enlightening, and interactive tasting! The celebration included a variety of different wines with varying bouquets from champagnes to fine reds— all with a level of detail that surely matched the desire of the hosts. I would surely recommend Sip and Graze to anyone looking to bring excellence to their event!


—Bryan Stites

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