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About Sip and Graze:


Sip and Graze designs and delivers truly unique non-traditional experiences that are sure to leave your guests with a lasting impression. If you’re looking for a turnkey, upscale event, look no further. Sip and Graze prides itself on its sophistication and keen attention to detail which elegantly showcases the personalities or brand of the hosts.


We'll introduce you to a new way of experiencing libations by creating a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests.  Sip and Graze has a creative and unique way of engaging all 5 senses that will enhance your libation journey allowing you to experience the finer things in life. It is our promise to exceed your expectations. No matter your taste, your event deserves to be Epoch!

About Danielle Wojnicki:


Danielle Wojnicki is the founder and CEO of Sip and Graze.. Danielle has been a certified sommelier for the last 6 years. Her passion for wine has taken her all over the world to experience and enhance her education, which has led her to start a wine event company of her own.  A self-proclaimed lover of the finer things in life, she is passionate about finding and delivering the best of the best, in every aspect of her life. Danielle loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others and does so in an extraordinary way. Her passion for living life luxuriously comes through in her ability to bring an upscale touch to your event that you will not find anywhere else.

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